Happy Valley Credit Union was chartered by the State of Tennessee in1933 to service the employees of NARC & Bemberg.

Our Name was originally Bemberg-Glanzstoff Credit Union. Our name changed to Happy Valley Credit Union in July 1934. Thor Power Tool Credit Union (Alemite) merged with us in August 1979, which opened doors to take in various Seg Groups. Since then we have had two other Credit Unions to merge with Happy Valley Credit Union. Carter County Memorial Hospital Credit Union in March 1982 and Inland Container Credit Union in March 2003. We also have included in our field of membership various employer groups and most of the census tract areas of Carter County, TN and the family of members.

Credit union members are owners and decision-makers that have a say in their financial institution’s actions. They elect a board of directors to provide leadership and ensure that members’ views are represented. Credit unions offered its members an opportunity to control their financial futures.

Being an owner also means sharing in the credit union’s success. The credit union idea is a simple one: “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” People helping People.

Becoming a credit union member is easy. Membership is open to anyone who worships, lives, or works within one of our census tract areas of Carter County, TN. Our membership also includes employees of our various seg groups. Memberships are also available for the family of members.

All you have to do is walk in the door, fill out a membership form and open an account. A share account can be opened with a $5.00 deposit into a share account. Seventy three years ago the membership fee was 25¢ and today it still remains at 25¢. You will be doing business with a financial institution that offers great service, cares about you as a member and invests in your community. We are a full service financial institution.